Alexis Lander

Alexis Lander, senior, is at the core of the Battle marching band’s performances, and is an outstanding scholar within the music department. If you can think of anything musical, there’s a chance Alexis is involved, from the musical to marching band, Alexis has achieved many honors as a musician.

Alexis will be going to Missouri State University (MSU) for music education. She said the decision to go to MSU was partially because she “heard really good things about both their band program and their choir program.

Alexis is also a Tenor in show choir, making her one of very few female Tenors. Alexis stated that show choir is her favorite time of the school year, and has been involved in show choir for three years now.

But Alexis’ singing experience doesn’t end there, she’s also starring in this year’s musical, Grease, as a Greaser, Pink Lady, and Teen Angel.