Putting The Work In

The daily grind with an after-school job

With the semester nearing its end, students here at Battle are in more of a rush than ever to stay on top of their assignments. Though, for a dedicated group, the daily hustle includes not only their academic pursuits but also a job on the side. These students, who juggle the increased workload on top of school, display extreme qualities of discipline and dedication. They work part-time at a variety of businesses, from retail stores and restaurants to even shooting ranges and farms. For some, a job provides a much-needed source of income to help support their families or save for college, but the experience it brings can help in the development of new skills as a young adult.

Senior Soren Sims has been working as a Dining & Nutrition Associate at the MU Hospital for two months. 

“I wanted to have some money to support me going into college, my job has flexible hours and a good pay rate, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me,” Sims said.

Despite being satisfied overall with his job, Soren struggles with being very tired after a long day in school. To release built-up stress, Soren makes use of his time away from his daily obligations. 

“Coming right out of school to work creates a challenge for me as I’m usually really tired going in, and it carries on to the next day. I use some of the days I have off for self-care, I like to go to the gym, listen to a podcast or even play a game of chess,” Sims said.

Overall, while balancing school and work can be difficult, it is possible with proper time management and organization. Holding a job as a full-time student can teach you to balance responsibilities, as well as help develop real-world skills and experience. For those who are considering taking on a job, keep in mind the importance of prioritizing school work and finding a job that is flexible enough to allow for study time.