Fall Fashion

Isaac Boss, Reporter

Fall in Missouri is known as the “hoodies and shorts” season. Not only that, but you will also see several people wearing sweatpants or jeans and sweaters or leather jackets. Fall is one of the most creative times of the year. The leaves change color, the weather goes up and down without warning, and fashion is the most varied of them all.

Everyone is fashionable in some sort of way or another. People dress according to their lifestyles, needs, and statements. You might see someone dress one way because of what they like. Or you might see someone who advertises what events/clubs they partake in, that, or their favorite brand of clothing, such as Adidas, Nike, Converse, etc. Fashion nowadays can look like and be anything that you want it to be.

That being said, I have seen a lot of comfy-looking sweaters being worn and ripped jeans out the wazoo. The color changes depending on the events, mood, and overall aspect of the day.