Boy’s soccer season wraps up

Soccer ends their 2022 season at .500


Samantha Bonen, Writer

The soccer season is slowly coming to an end. Throughout this season, we were able to see the true potential and skill of the team. Many players have shown promise this year, and according to several players, the team is possibly the best it has ever been. The boys’ soccer team at Battle is coached by Tracy Grant and Charles Hall. 

Sophomore player Ethan Morris said, “This season is going excellent, better than I thought. The team is definitely more connected as a group, and more confident playing stronger teams compared to last years’ team.” 

This years’ season has reached 0.500. Battle has won 9 out of 16 season games so far. Sophomore Eli Conrad said, “The season is going pretty good, we’re tied for the record amount of wins Battle has had, and we still have a few more games.” 

Morris stated that the soccer team has made improvements and there are some certain players that stand out this year. Morris shouted out Junior Linn Becevic for making a great shift to defender. Ethan also pointed out Senior Keller Rojas, who Ethan claimed was, “the greatest player.” 

According to Junior Andrew Gadbois, this season has been good overall. 

“We have decent players this year, we’re a pretty good team, but we still have a lot of work. I feel like we are a top contending team,” Gadbois said. 

Ethan Morris also said, “I think we can break the win record and make a district run.” Districts for boy’s soccer starts on October 29th and ends November 3rd. 

Andrew Gadbois also had players of his own he thought showed great potential. 

“I think Linn could do pretty well in the future season, he played really good defense and is really good at playing left backer. Julio Lopez also has really good footwork,” Gadbois said. 

Gadbois had a contrasting opinion to Ethan’s’ about last years’ team. Gadbois said, “last year it wasn’t too bad, JV broke the record for winning season.” 

Sophomore Eli Conrad said, “We need to work on communicating, we need to talk to each other on the field more.” 

The boys’ soccer team still has a few more games left in the season, meaning they are practicing frequently to improve their skills. Helping the boys with their improvement are the coaches, Tracy Grant and Charles Hall. “The coaches are awesome, we improve so much with every practice,” said Eli Conrad. 

As the soccer team finishes the season, they continue to grow as a team and individually. The season is coming to a close, and it will be interesting to see what the players do in the off season, and how that affects next year’s team. Last year, the team finished with nine wins, and so far, this year’s team currently holds nine wins as well.