November 1st Student Council Meeting

An overview of the events at the Battle Student Council meeting

Allie Easton, Podcast Editor

The Student Council held a meeting on November 1st in room F109B to discuss upcoming plans and projects. They meet every Tuesday at 8am. At this meeting, official Battle student council shirts were distributed. The Court Warming theme was decided to be Battle of the Decades, but the spirit week themes were different throughout. They also talked about the Pie-In-The-Face fundraiser, which is a raffle to raise money for the Food Bank. There was discussion around an opportunity with the Missouri Association of Student Councils (MASC).  


“I am really excited about our student leaders. They have been offered a big opportunity.” Jill Villasana, sponsor to the student council, said. “One thing that we have been working on the last few years, we’re involved with the Missouri Association of Student Councils. It’s a state organization for student councils and their advisors. We’ve gone to several different regional conferences with our student council that are sponsored by MASC. We took a couple of people to the state convention last year. This year we are going on Friday to the northeast district meeting and our Battle student council is running for president of the northeast district. That would mean that in fall of 2023 we would get to host the northeast district meeting. That is a big step in not only being leaders in our building, but leaders in our state.”


There were committees formed for making flags and banners for the district campaign as well as the committees for their normal business such as the Court Warming committee. 


“Right now we are kind of at this weird period because it’s after homecoming and court warming is going to happen in like a month,” Jackie Ozanich, President of the student council, said. “We’re working on going to northeast districts on Friday because we are running for president for districts.”


They have not stopped working on events for the school, though. The judging for the costume contest is still being done. The pie-in-the-face fundraiser and court warming also have their own committees that are working on those projects.


“I’m looking forward to Feel Good week,” Ozanich said. “Last year they said we were going to have dogs, and they didn’t follow through. And I was like, I’m going to run for president because I will make sure that there are dogs at this school. So, I am so excited for dogs to be at our school.”


There are also plans for a month-long winter celebration second semester. 


“A lot of schools have a court warming celebration. Court warming has never been something in Colombia schools that is as exciting as homecoming. So we try different ways to get that same energy we get around homecoming around that winter event,” Villasana said. “Last year we did our Winter Olympics which lasted for about a month. There were competitions between first hour classes, and I saw that as being a step in the right direction for building that excitement and fun during the day and bring the school together.”


With those projects discussed, every committee broke off to work on what they needed to do for their event or job. More information about student council plans will come out as the events get closer.