Are You College Ready?

Seniors prepare for their future.

Bethani Thompson, Staff Member

A couple of weeks ago AVID told our teachers to wear their college school colors and to talk to us about college and the future. This raised the question: are students from Battle High Students college ready? I talked with many seniors and some juniors and they all know where they want to go, what they want to do, and have everything planned out. For example, senior Delayne Fudge, who plans to attend a 4 year college then a 3 year doctoral program. Most everyone says they are ready for the freedom college offers.

However, some of the students interviewed don’t feel that high school has really prepared them enough for the next step. Julian Richardson commented, “Most of the classes I took I don’t really want. I didn’t get a chance to chose my classes till senior year, so I feel like I’m not very prepared.” Fellow senior Catera Combs has a different point of view on the matter: “I feel prepared, they have college algebra prep, AP classes, and the counselors come to your class to talk to you. I feel like I’m prepared enough.”

Ms. Spence gave some helpful tips for seniors when applying to college:

  • Think about what you can do financially.
  • If you’re undecided, choose a school with a lot of options.
  • Chose at least one school that is close to home.
  • Make sure you keep up good grades in senior year, many schools want grade reports after the 1st semester.
  • Don’t rely on a scholarship because if your grades fall they can revoke your scholarship.
  • Work hard senior year so when you go to college it won’t be such a shock to the system.