Senior Legacies: Class of 2015

Mariah Brisco, Yearbook Editor

This is it… the year of a life time is finally beginning. As seniors this year, we are striving to leave our mark on Battle, as if we are the legendary class of all classes across Columbia, including future incoming students. Our 2015 class is the first senior life to ever set foot in Battle and the year is already beginning. This year is the most important year in the lives of every 12th grader, because this year we are building the legacy behind us, not only to be remembered for this year but for future years to come.

Zachary Burks, a senior student at Battle High, was asked, “How do you want to leave your mark on Battle?” Zack responded, “I definitely already left my mark on Battle by being the first drama club president at Battle and I’m going to keep pushing myself to be better.” But that’s just it, leaving our mark as seniors is starting small and working our way to something legendary. We, as a senior class, want to completely separate ourselves from the other high schools (Hickman and Rock Bridge).

Kennede Coleman said, “I want our class to teach the underclassmen our standards for Battle so we can step up as a unit and be known for how far we have come in the years this school has been open.” On a more personal level, Kennede described how academics and sports are a big thing for seniors to leave their mark. “I want to be known for how I can strive in academics just as much as sports and I want everyone to look up at my success to better themselves now and for the future.”

Kennede’s idea of leaving her mark connects to that of Paxton Jobe, who explained in an interview, “to get known and to put ourselves out there like other schools, we have to expand ourselves through news and the paper to get our name across.” By doing this it will allow people to read more and really create a name for Battle High School.

“To really leave our mark, the best way is to start traditions that will last,” said Brendan Dubose. “My idea to separate our senior class is to definitely do a school prank that doesn’t involve putting a car in the commons,” said Zack. We need to start traditions and it all begins with leaving our first mark. So ask yourself: what do you want to start at Battle?