Jump Start Day 2015

Paige Ellis, Staff Member

Starting our second year off with a kick, Battle took charge with the district-wide Jump Start Day. Held on August 18, the Monday before the official first day of school, freshman were advised to attend Jump Start Day to ease the stress of high school.

The day started at the normal start time of 8:55, a pleasant time for incoming freshman used to the middle school starting time of 7:30. Students attended all A and B day first semester classes to meet teachers and get to know fellow students. The day ended at noon with lunch and a hotdog social.

Students who attended were overall more confident with finding classes and starting the year off strong. Canon Lampkin, an incoming freshman commented, “Jump start day made me feel more prepared and made the adjustment from middle school easier.” Freshman Gabby Guerra said, “the day was less confusing than anticipated, easing my nerves about the first day of school.” John Owens, a freshman wrestler had some suggestions for next year: “I wish I could have attended my second semester classes as well so I don’t feel lost coming back from Christmas break.”

Jump start day made me feel more prepared and made the adjustment from middle school easier.”

— Canon Lampkin

While talking to these freshman I wanted to get a look into their aspirations as they walk into high school for the first time. Four years can seem like a lot or very little depending on who you talk to. It’s enough time to completely change your attitude, your goals and your future. Canon Lampkin said he sees himself pursuing and achieving many soccer recognitions from now until his senior year. Gabby Guerra said she sees herself growing exponentially in intelligence in preparations for post-secondary education. In four years she sees herself with a 4.0 GPA and involved in as many clubs as she can manage. John Owens feels he has a lot of big decisions ahead of him in his four years, including what career to pursue. He is currently enrolled in MyCuisine hoping that might be something he would want to do with his life.

It’s fair to say students who attended jump start day felt more prepared to begin their high school career and had grand goals for themselves as they embark upon the four year journey.