Reaching Higher: Lady Spartan Tennis

Clara Baldwin, Staff Member

Battle High’s girls tennis team pulled out a 9-0 win against Liberty High School Tuesday. The team has clearly made some improvements from last year when their only victory as a team was against Rolla. Thus far in the season, they’ve managed to win against Troy, Fulton, Timberland, and Helias. With hard work, conditioning, and organization at practices, you’ll always see the tennis team trying their best to move forward for success. Head coach Jon Mize states, “I’m ecstatic with how the girls have played and improved. Our ability level has taken off and I’m really pleased.” Mize will always be seen with a smile on his face as he coaches the girls to victory. Known for his energetic personality, he always boosts the girls up to victory, and is very passionate about his team. Number two seed Gillian Schulte, a junior at Battle High, was asked what her overall goal was for the season. “To do better than I did last year, win more matches, and to do well in districts,” said Gillian. The team is halfway through their season, entering the Rockbridge tournament Wednesday and their last home meets the following Monday and Tuesday against Hickman and Camdenton. Number eight seed Skyler Carter commented on how she feels going into her last season as a Senior, “I’m just going to miss having that group of friends always there for you and supporting you. Also free exercise (laughs) I’m going to have to grow up and start paying for cross-fit now.” Skyler has been the prime example of improvement on the team, considering she started tennis her Junior year and has moved up nine spots on the team, making her seed #8 this year. Spartan tennis has shown how Battle sports has escalated greatly since last year. Battle is now keeping up with bigger schools and our in-town rivals. If this much improvement has been created through one year, soon enough you’ll see our sports taking off to state someday. The pride and hard work in this school has been underestimated, and what the school can achieve will shock many people. Battle athletics is something to be proud of.