B lunch scandal

Drue Horton, Yearbook Editor

Circling the halls throughout Battle is a story that’s spreading like wildfire. The small number of students in B lunch, ranging from 260-325 students, are in an uproar over the news of their not so long lunch. Students who have A lunch are the lucky ones due to Spartan Time giving them an extra 30 minutes, making their lunch about an hour long.

Those in B lunch are not so lucky because “due to their lunch being right in the middle of their second block class, they don’t have an extra five minute passing period like the other lunch two shifts do,” Mr. McCarthy explained during an interview. Students who have B lunch typically take a study hall, foreign language or a class where the teacher approved the split time.

Various students believe that the five extra minutes would make all the difference. Hannah Dietzel voiced her strong feelings toward this lunch scandal, explaining, “the first time I heard about this lunch scandal I was horrified.” She then goes on to explain that by the time a student waits in line to get food, and waits in line to pay for food, the student is rushing to eat. This causes problems for students who use lunch time as a social or free time, because due to the very limited amount of lunch, this is not possible to the students in B lunch.

Even though some students are outraged at the unfair schedule Battle has set up, others couldn’t care less. To them, time is just time, and voicing their opinion won’t give them the outcome they are hoping for. Due to the shortened lunch period, students have come prepared by bringing snacks that they can eat throughout the day during the passing periods, or in classes that will allow a quick break for nourishment.

Whether you are strongly against the shortened B lunch, or could care less, be kind to those fellow B lunchers, because a short lunch can ruin anyone’s mood.