New Junior ACT Opportunities

Kyra Moss, Staff Member

In an attempt to improve our education system this coming April, all junior students will be required to take the ACT, a college readiness test. Students are tested in four different areas; reading, writing, mathematics, and science, and are given a score to reflect their knowledge on the subjects. The test is used for admission to college and can sometimes determine whether or not students are accepted to the college.

The test is regularly offered for $45.00, not including the writing portion of the test. The junior class is very lucky to be offered this test for free. The test is offered on Saturdays and since it is so time consuming, it was difficult for some students to find the time and transportation to take the test. Since the test is being offered at school during the day, the students have no way around taking it.

Some students have jitters taking the ACT for the first time, but now that the entire junior class will be given the exam, it may help with the nervousness. This will insure that more students will have the opportunity to take this test which is the first step on the road to applying to college.