Rad Fads’ First Installment

Hannah Dietzel, Yearbook Editor

The evolution of clothing has changed so much these past few years. Remember when boot cut jeans used to be in style? Then everyone switched to skinny jeans and never looked back. Now-a-days you can’t find a teenaged boy or girl wearing boot cut jeans. Something that did come back was All Star Converse: the hottest fad back in the 80’s is now the new movement in 2014! Don’t even get me started on the grunge look of the 90’s coming back, with the crop tops, high-waisted shorts and the flannel tied around the waist, which is one of the hottest hipster looks for this summer for sure. Every year there are different trends going on in the fashion world, like last year it was camouflage, and crosses fabric patterns.

This year, everyone went a little out of their comfort zone with the joggers, high waisted shorts and gladiator sandals. This year, the men’s pants are getting tighter with joggers, while lady’s pants are getting looser with Harlem flow pants! Roshes are going to be just like vans, no matter how long ago they came out, they are always going to be in style! From ombre hair to tribal backpacks, this year’s trends have been starting something new, something that finally hasn’t been done before, something that defines true fashion and how creative you can be. Let’s just say that this year people have expressed themselves in ways they have never done before. The bold statement pieces are an inspiration for people to come out of their bubbles! So forget about how your legs look and slip on some high waisted shorts! Who cares, just do your thang!