A Better Battlefront

A Better Battlefront

Drue Horton, Yearbook Editor

Battle’s student section, known as “The Battle Front” has done a complete 180 in the name of pride and spirit. Football player Ian Gruen stated that “last year, we would look up and see everyone on their phones, not even paying attention,” which didn’t help motivate the players at all, but this year, everyone has seen the sudden change.

Even though Battle took a loss against Rockbridge, earlier in the season, Tate Dempsey expressed how “the student section is still a developing program, like many things at Battle but that game (Rockbridge) was probably our best game for our student section,” and nobody doubts that. The day before the big game against Rockbridge, Matt Hale, the athlete director at Battle, mentioned that the Battle Spartans were going to trap the Rockbridge Bears. This led to the famous quote “Bear Trap” at the game later that night, which showed the football players what the Battle Front was all about. Bryce Camp, a senior football player, explained “hearing those chants really give us motivation and they have become our number one fans,” which was the intention of the student section.

When asked if having seniors this year made a difference in the student section, Tate Dempsey also replied with “I believe so. The lower classmen see that the seniors are chanting and getting wild, and they think it’s cool, so they join in.” Lastly, Dempsey expressed how he doesn’t think just the seniors have stepped up this year, but also the freshman class because “if you attend a game, you’ll see mainly the seniors and the freshman. You might spot a sophomore and junior here and there but nothing like the other classes.” Although you mostly see just students attending the games on Friday nights, parents and staff join as well. Battle staff member, Mr. Pingrey, mentioned that the student section “is defiantly louder this year, and seems more unified,” comparing last year’s section to this year’s current.

With all the changes going on throughout Battle, the Battle Front has most defiantly changed for the better. The chants, the tailgates before games, and an occasional baby on a spear shows serious school pride and how the seniors have taken on the challenge in making the student section something to remember for years to come. IMG_0265