Rad Fads’ Halloween Coverage

Hannah Dietzel, Yearbook Editor

Deciding on what to be for Halloween is almost impossible. There are just so many things to figure out. And a whole lot of planning to do too. Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year; it’s where you can be anything you want for an entire night. The candy is always a plus too, with the Butterfingers, Snickers, Gummies, Reese’s, and Big Tootsie pops.

Lately, zombies have been a huge trend due to the show “The Walking Dead.” Fake teeth, fake blood, fake guts’ what could be more fun? Another big trend this year was super heroes. It doesn’t matter if you’re 2 or 102, super heroes will never go out of style. Although, Halloween night can be an excuse for young ladies to dress completely inappropriate. Bunny, Cat, and Dorothy costumes are not what they used to be.

I went around the school asking students what they were planning to be for Halloween, and although I did get some “I’m too old to trick or treat” responses, so many kids showed up to school on Halloween dressed up. One couple dressed like corpse bride and corpse groom. Another girl with blond hair dressed like Alice in Wonderland, and looked the part! Now that’s what I call Halloween spirit.

Speaking of spirits, many people went out to abandon houses this Halloween to try to summon some unknown entities. Going to grave yards and haunted houses are the go to activities for a spooky Halloween. Good luck with that, but count me out. I’m just here for the fun and candy.

Another big discussion going on lately in the News Room is a debate over Fear Fest or Necropolis. I myself went to Necropolis this year and it has died down from years past: no more chainsaws or touching. Lame. “I’ve always liked Fear Fest better because there is more to do, you can even ride around in a tractor while shooting zombies with paintball guns,” exclaims Mariah Brisco. Clara Baldwin said; “I Like Fear fest way better because there is more to do, even though it’s more expensive, it’s worth it.” Morgan Evanoff stated she enjoys Necropolis better: “I get to work there when I turn 16, and that’s awesome to be able to be a part of something like that.” Halloween is a crowd favorite for many students due to the variety of festivities that occur annually.

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