Construction Ahead: Future Development Near Battle

Paige Ellis, Staff Member

Transitioning from southern expansion and moving the emphasis to the north side of town stirs up zone questioning around Battle High school. Pre standing subdivisions in the area give insight on the type of construction and atmosphere a new development will bring. The proposed project of 130- acre site next to the high school was approved recently, to include over 250 moderately sized homes along with 16 acres set aside for commercial property. According to KOMU and their discussion with zoning member Rusty Strodtman the development is part of many future projects all encompassed under a 1,800 acre master plan. A reoccurring grievance among community members affected by the new development are the lack of sidewalks and traffic issues. These issues have been taken into account and a public hearings will be held to discuss development, annexation and any other proposed objections. Included in the discussion is the suggested 75% payout to improve road conditions by the developer and enhancements of off-site road and safety. There are no official plans to break ground and completion for this project isn’t in our near future.

Chase Lampkin, senior, said “Battle is so serene with the emptiness of the fields surrounding the school, it’s refreshing to see compared to the other high schools in the city.” It’s true that the other high schools in town have very urban surroundings but when they were originally built they were just as secluded as Battle. The school just as the others, was built to invite development, to grow with the city and plan ahead for the future. Well the future is here and development is inevitable with Columbia’s growing population. Devin Smith, senior, said “in the long term, the project will be a good idea, but I’m a little bummed it’s not within my time in Columbia.” In the long run, development will improve the transportation issue with families living closer to the school grounds and having more access to commercial businesses.

Construction times will be tremendously cut in length due to pre-sited sewer lines, so expansion only makes sense. Some anxieties have been brought up concerning mass building like this so close to a school, but Battle is not a stranger to construction and the hindrances it can bring. The new elementary school being built adjacent to the school has made Battle very accustomed to debris, noise, and the realities of functioning seamlessly with these types of large scale projects.

In reality, we will not see any signs of development concerning new subdivision development until the legalities have been completely hammered out and blue prints are made. For long term residents and teachers this project is defiantly something to look forward to and will be interesting to follow with the expansion of the area. It’s a project that will make students who are present now when the school has a very rural feel be amazed when we return to find a blossoming urban metropolis.