Blue Cow Rocks the PAC

Blue Cow Rocks the PAC

Drue Horton, Yearbook Editor

Although the teacher group took short cat naps throughout their performance at Blue Cow, the audience didn’t do any snoozing themselves. Upbeat song choices and humor continued to make an appearance during the four performances, allowing the audience to enjoy everything the groups had to offer. Blue Cow had two emcees for the night, seniors Lindsay Smith and Garrick Stoker, both of which continued to change in various outfits to match the different groups performing.

Kicking off the first annual Blue Cow was a group of theater kids: Ariel Walker, Cole Flottman, Elise Hardesty, Taylor Kirby, Zach Burks and Kate Kauffman, known as the Aztecks. The group sported nerd and cool kid gear, making the stage a battlefield between the divided groups. Even though the Aztecks didn’t use props, they replaced it with amazing choreographed dance moves to songs like Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off” and Bruno Mar’s “Uptown Funk”, constantly having the audience clap along to the beat. They were the only group to use effective lighting throughout their performance, lighting up not only the stage, but the whole PAC itself.

Next was a group of juniors and seniors known ironically as the “Little Einsteins”: Tyler Vincent, Kole Hinton, Mckinna Keller, Autumn McCoy, Dalton Roberts, Cameron Hawkins, Mallick White, Tyler Grey and Leland Harvey. Doing a girls v. boys theme, the two girls battled it out though outnumbered, against a group of seven boys, involving some hip shaking and a surprise performance by Justin Bieber (Dalton Roberts). Although the girls put up a good fight, the boys ended up winning the battle with their amazing performance of Nicki Minaji’s “Anaconda” which Cameron Hawkins gladly played the part of, with two balloons used to mimic Minaji’s iconic booty.

Afterwards, there was a brave group of freshman known as the “T-Birds & Pink Ladies”: Laney Rosson, Landon Smith, Brandon Adeshakin, Shelby Atherton, Olivia Childs, Ellen Schmidt, and Connor Flatt. They took a risk in performing the hit musical “Grease”, but the risk paid off with a well done performance by the freshman who seemed to enjoy their time on stage. After the performance was done and over with, co-emcee, Lindsay Smith, asked her little brother Landon Smith how he felt the performance went. He responded by saying; “I did mess up a few moves, but the teachers still suck”, which got a huge laugh from the crowd and judges.

Lastly, but certainly not least, was the one teacher group known as the “Selfie Stompers”: Alex Huck, Samantha Bratcher, Jayme Pingrey, Ryan Pingrey, Alex Wendell, Amy Cummings, Jill Villasana, Katie Cox, Kristie Harms, Anna Comfort, Brain Corrigan, and Andrew McCarthy. Portraying “A Day in the Life at Battle,” the teachers did rock the stage with the use of props such as iPads, and the screen to project footage taken around the school. During their number to “Uptown Funk” they did bring up a photo of Principal, Dr. Presko, with her quoting her famous line “it’s always a great day to be a Spartan”, causing laughter to spread throughout the audience and even Dr. Presko herself.

When it came to the end of the show, no one was quite sure who had the best performance due to the amount of talent that was seen on the stage, but after everything, it was the Aztecks who took home the trophy, even though there had been rumors that the real winners, in points, were the “Selfie Stompers”. Blue Cow had been able to raise money for not only the senior prom coming up in May, but the True Life Fund as well, which is more than enough reason to lip sync in front of the whole school.