The Heart of Battle: Female Student Leaders

Hannah Dietzel, Yearbook Editor

In the words of Beyonc , “Who run the world? Girls.” This lyric is holding true at Battle this year with girls stepping into power roles that come with large responsibilities and time commitments. These student leaders have been able to juggle the stresses of high school while leading their clubs and organizations with style.

Dance team captain Kadee Dempsey says, “I always strive to do my best because there will be no breaks in the future.” Kadee uses this attitude to do her best on the dance floor and in her classes. Her realistic outlook and focused nature will help her succeed outside of Battle. By embracing her position as captain, Kadee is gathering experiences that will help her succeed in life while setting a positive example for other Battle students.

Battle’s first ever senior class president doesn’t follow the age-old tradition of being a white male with wooden teeth. Lindsay Smith is able to balance her academics, leadership, and social calendar while looking to the future. “When I think of all the things I want to do with my life I know that I have to have a great GPA and a positive attitude” Lindsay says. Lindsay is working diligently to put together Battle’s first prom. She has had to work closely with her class and sponsors to make Battle’s inaugural event a success. Lindsay has run into her share of issues during the planning, but she has used her problem solving and communication skills to work towards an enjoyable prom. To younger Battle students, Lindsay suggests, “Always be organized and get your work done fast, deadlines will just keep get shorter.”

Junior ladies are really embracing the leadership opportunities Battle has to offer. Abby Theroff has been elected to serve as the current junior class president alongside co-president Brittany Brown, with their terms continuing into their senior year. Abby has been described as a caring student who motivates others to succeed. Abby knows what it feels like to be down and feel like you aren’t going anywhere with your life. “People should be able to come to school comfortable and happy every morning with a positive attitude,” Abby says. Abby’s positive attitude shines in her classes and makes leading her class a positive experience for the rest of her officer team.

These female leaders of Battle can always be seen with a smile on their face. They are willing to talk peers, work with teachers, and commit themselves to a brighter future. All Battle students can look towards these ladies as a model for success and as encouragement to always do your best. These ladies are the real heart of Battle.