The Spearhead

Marc Chauvin
Almost everyone at Battle has spotted Marc strolling down the hall with a camera at his side. Similar to his camera, Marc takes in the world and makes it something unique. While photography is a passion of his, having been featured in this year's Art in the Park, he's incredibly social and can talk to just about anyone. When he's not in the darkroom or talking with friends, Marc is running a course for Battle cross country or pulling the string on his bow for the archery team. His influence isn't confined to Battle though, at the end of the day you can find Marc at Hickman working as the head sound engineer for Darkroom Studios. His future as he describes it is exciting; professional photography, skydiving, and extreme adventure are all parts of Marc's plans. Whether gushing about his recently developed photos or simply talking about his love for Harambe, Marc will have you laughing in no time.


Marc Chauvin, Reporter

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Marc Chauvin