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Roxy Garcia
Roxy Garcia is one of the most amiable individuals you will ever meet. With exceptional enthusiasm for culinary arts, she aspires to one day start her own business.

Appreciative of journalistic idiosyncrasies, Roxy values the stylistic attributes that journalism has to offer. With eagerness and strength for the eccentricities of journalistic writing, Garcia's aptitude is an essential piece of the journalism team here at Battle.

Apart from her time within the academic paradigm, Roxy is very much a part of extracurricular life at Battle. She is a part of Theater Tech, GSA, and Academy of Rock. Here, Garcia demonstrates her ability to exceed the standard by incorporating her talents into the activities outside of the curriculum at BHS

Outside of school and educational activities, it wouldn't be uncommon to spot Roxy downtown. Whether it's a show at The Social Room or Rose, she supports the inspired creation and the communal participation of expression.

Roxy Garcia , Reporter

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Roxy Garcia