Five DIY Gifts for the Holidays

How creative can you get?

Summer Evans and Sandra Medina

The holidays are near. Everyone is looking for a way to show their family and friends the appreciation they deserve. With stores today selling the same thing it’s hard to find a gift that seems personal. This holiday season shows those you care about some love with any of these five DIY gifts.

Play Dough: For all those youngsters out there it’s very hard to find a gift that they will actually like. There are so many options that vary by age and gender it’s almost impossible to please children. Playdough though can suit any age group. The gift allows them to make it whatever they want. They can create dragons that breath fire or mold their favorite kinds of flowers. All it takes is some flour, water, and a vivid imagination.

Sparkling Ornaments: Have any old light bulbs? Don’t toss them into the trash bin. Even though they can not shine their light any longer they still have a purpose. Turn them into sparkly decor to spruce up your home. All it takes is glitter glue and of course glitter. These can be hung from light fixtures, on doorknobs, or stacked inside a large glass vase for the perfect centerpiece.

Bath bombs: Within that last year or two Bath bombs have become more and more popular and can be enjoyed by both your female or male friends. You can make your own for any occasion such as the holidays, birthdays and so on. You can even customize it to yours or your friends liking. But all you ne

ed to make a basic bath bomb is baking soda which will help with cleaning but also softens the skin, Epsom salt this will be added for relaxing proposes it is great for helping with sore muscles cramps and anybody pain, citric acid is used to create the awesome fizzing once it goes in the water but it will also help remove the dead skin!

Picture Embroidered Coasters from tile: for this gift, you can get very creative and make it whatever you want! What you’ll need in order to do this day is some 4×4 white ceramic tiles, preferably 3.5 x 5 sized photos to go on your tiles, Mod Podge ( kind doesn’t really matter), Sponge Brush that you will use to apply the mod podge with, clear acrylic spray, and some small felt circles that will go on the back of the coasters.

Sugar Hand Scrub: This a very simple and stress-free Gift idea that could be given to family and friends. All you need is brown sugar and olive oil. For a small portion, all you’ll need is about 2 teaspoons of each then mix them together till its a nice constituency.