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Madalynn Owens
Madalynn Owens is well known for her passion of challenging herself and keeping herself busy by being involved with Student Council, FBLA, Golf, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Math team, and BLARM. Above all, she is currently the Yearbook Editor of The Shield. Madalynn is the type to take charge when things don't go to plan or needs improvement. Her fear of failure is what motivates her. She gives hundred percent of her effort. Her future goal is to work for a music magazine in Chicago or New York. By Madalynn being in a lead role in editing The Shield her leadership and time management and effectiveness on keeping up with deadlines. Madalynn is also known for being down to earth and a real go getter and very reliable, she's the type that if you need a little cheering up you can go to her and she'll put a smile on your face with ease. When Madalynn isn't at school she enjoys reading and watching movies, but that doesn't happen very often due to the fact Battle is like her second home.


Madalynn Owens, Yearbook Editor

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